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Xlight FTP Server software license

Xlight FTP server has three editions: personal, standard and professional edition.

The personal edition is free for personal use only. During the 30-day evaluation period, the trial program works like the professional edition with the same functions. After the evaluation period, the unregistered program will automatically become the personal edition.

The standard edition is limited to 50 online users. It has secure SSL, Anti-Leech Protection and UNC Path Impersonation support. But the standard edition doesn't support ODBC, LDAP, Active Directory, email Notification and Remote Administration functions etc. The price for the standard edition is only $39.95.

The professional edition has no online users limitation and supports all functions except the optional SFTP(SSH2) feature. The price for the professional edition is $129.95.

SFTP(SSH2) Add-On Module SFTP(SSH2) is a completely different protocol from FTP. SFTP(SSH2) is provided as an optional feature. If you only want to use the FTP protocol, you won't need this module. The SFTP(SSH2) upgrade is only for users who have a standard or professional edition of the Xlight FTP Server. The price for an SFTP(SSH2) upgrade is $60.

Benefits of purchasing Xlight FTP Server:

Note: For standard and professional editions, one license can be used on only one computer at any one time, unless multiple computer licenses have been purchased in which case the software may be used on any number of computers, up to the number of purchased licenses.

The following is the features comparison of Xlight ftp server editions:

FeaturesPersonal edition (free)Standard editionProfessional edition
Online Users550Unlimited
GUI based remote administrationNoNoYes
ODBC User databaseNoNoYes
Write file transfer logs to databaseNoNoYes
Email NotificationNoNoYes
LDAP SupportNoNoYes
Active DirectoryNoNoYes
UNC Path ImpersonationNoYesYes
128 bits SSLNoYesYes
SSL client authenticationNoYesYes
Anti Leech ProtectionNoYesYes
SFTP(SSH2) Add-On (Optional)Nonot include (Need a separate SFTP(SSH2) license)not include (Need a separate SFTP(SSH2) license)
Virtual ServersYesYesYes
UPnP SupportYesYesYes
Advanced Configuration ManagementYesYesYes
Hierarchy Virtual PathsYesYesYes
Advanced Access ControlYesYesYes
Advanced Bandwidth ControlYesYesYes
xferlog formatYesYesYes
Other FeaturesYesYesYes