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Default user profile for external authentication

Default user profile is used to give some default settings to all external authentication users (Active Directory, LDAP, Database). Those settings will apply to all users who passed external authentication. If the same user settings exists in the external sources such as Active Directory, LDAP server etc., they will override the default value.

Default user profile is used in the case where either the company policy doesn't allow to store user FTP settings in the external source or a quick setup is needed for all FTP users from external authentication. For example, some companies don't allow to use extended schema for Active Directory. As the result, The FTP disk quotas setting can not be stored in the Active Directory. In this case, the default user profile can be used to assign default FTP disk quotas for Active Directory users.

Home directory in the default user profile

Home directory in the default user profile can be used to assign the FTP home directory for all external users in Active Directory, LDAP or database, when the external source is used for authentication purpose only. Home directory support the variable %username% and %username% will be replaced with actual user name after his login. For example, if you want to have all users' home directories to be under the "C:\ftp" directory, you can setup the home directory in the default user profile as "C:\ftp\%username%", as showed the picture below. If user's home directory doesn't exist when he logins, it will be created automatically.

The home directory in the default user profile will be overrided by the same value stored in the external source. For example, if the same user has his homeDirectory attribute value being set in the active directory, it will override the home directory of default user profile. If you don't want this kind of override to happen, you can select the Xlight FTP Server Active Directory option "only check username and password". When this option is selected, Xlight FTP Server will only authenticate user against Active Directory, but not read any user attribute value from Active Directory. So the override will not happen.